Thursday, April 11, 2013

Create a Join AutoCAD Map 3D

 Join data table to a feature layer (.SHP) in AutoCAD Map 3D 

You can use the Joins tool in AutoCAD Map 3D for joining the attributes in one data table (or data table of another feature layer) to the Data Table (primary) of another feature layer (such as SHP, SDF).

To create a join between two feature layers, such shape files, select the primary feature layer (to which you want to join another table) in the Display Manager tab of the Task Pane. You will notice that the Vector Layer contextual tab is displayed in the ribbon. Next, choose the Join tool from the create panel of this tab; the Create a Join dialog box is displayed. Notice that the name of the primary table is displayed in the Primary table initiating the join box. 

Choose the table that you want to join (to the primary table) by choosing an option from the Table (or feature class) to join to drop-down list. Next, you will require to specify the key columns in both tables. AutocCAD Map 3D will use the values in these columns to match the records while creating the join. Next, Specify the type and cardinality  of the join by choosing an radio button in the Type of Join and Releationship with Secondary Records (Cardinality) areas, respectively.  Next, choose the OK button; a join will be created based on your specified options.