Friday, August 16, 2013

Autodesk AutoCAD- Live Maps (Bing Maps)

Live Maps (Bing Maps)
Autodesk has introduced the Geolocation feature in its AutoCAD based software, that allow the user to use the Bing Maps as the mapping service. Using this feature, an user can now integrate the spatial data (raster and road) provided by Bing maps within the project environment.

The Bing map services are free services but to use them you are required to Sign In to your Autodesk 360 account. Also, as this is an online mapping service, you will require an internet connection to connect to the Bing map data.

Displaying Bing Map Data into AutoCAD Map 3D
Ensure that your project has a coordinate system assigned to it and then login to the Autodesk 360 account.

Next, enter the GEOMAP command in the command line and then press ENTER; you are prompted to specify the map type that you want to add.
        To add a high resolution satellite/ aerial image, enter Aerial in the command line 
        To display the Bing maps road data, enter Road in the command line
        To display the aerial photo along with the road data, enter Hybrid in the command line.

After specifying the required map type, press ENTER; the selected map will be displayed in the drawing.